LMPC's New Power StationLMPC's New Power StationThe Lethem Power Company (LMPC) has built a new power station in the industrial site at Bon Success, Lethem. At this new location, the power company will be able to better house and operate its seven diesel powered generators, and reduce noise pollution to the community. The location also provides sufficient space for any future expansion of the power station.


The LMPC is in the process of transferring its generating equipment to the new power station. The company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Thurston Semple, indicated that limited generation has already started at the new location. Apart from transferring the old equipment, some new equipment, such as a 2MVA transformer and a switchgear, is also being installed. Additionally, some sections of the distribution network are being modified to facilitate total generation from the new location. According to Mr. Semple, the full assembly of the generation system at the new location, along with the modifications to the distribution network, is scheduled to be completed in December 2015. All of the works are being done in a manner to minimise interruptions of the electricity supply to the consumers.

The LMPC expects to provide an improved service to its electricity consumers from the new location. With the new switchgear, it will be introducing synchronizing facilities to allow two or more generators to operate in parallel, so as to match the generation to the consumers' demand cycle more efficiently.

The power station's current location is at Barrack Retreat Drive; the company's commercial office is also accommodated there. For the convenience of the consumers, the commercial office will continue to be at Barrack Retreat Drive after the complete relocation of the power station.